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In order to find the right electric guitar for the right purpose, you should consider what kind of Music you want to play with. For high-gain sounds, such as would be common in rock or metal certainly a LesPaul-like guitar would be the first choice. For clear or slightly distorted sound as they are in the Blues, swing or country range, a Stratocaster-like guitar makes more sense.
Les Paul style E-Gitarren

used Les Paul style e guitars

Les Paul style electric guitars are characterized by fat sound with long sustain. These are usually equipped with 2 or 3 humbucker pickups, the body shape is more classical with a cut-away, the neck mostly glued. Only a few models are equipped with a tremolo, because it has a negative influence on the sustain, or when a massive Floyd Rose style tremolo is used to keep the losses low.
Stratocaster style E-Gitarren

used Stratocaster style e guitars

Stratocaster style electric guitars are characterized by a brilliant & percussive sound. These are usually equipped with 3 single-coil pickups, whereby for the bridge position occasionally a humbucker-TA is taken, which then delivers a fatter sound. The typical body shape has two cut-aways, the neck is mostly screwed (at least in a "real" stratocaster), but there are also numerous models with glued or continuous neck.
sonstige E-Gitarren

used custom made guitars

Under "Custom Made" guitars, you will find unique pieces whose sound diversity has been expanded by sensible modifications. The "other" category mainly contains models that stand out from "normal" designs and are therefore often used for hard rock or gothic rock. For particularly strong sound, these are (almost) always equipped with humbucker pickups, Also active (i.e., battery powered) are for even more gain at the slightest side noises.

used accoustic guitars

In addition to acoustic guitars in the Western or Classic format, this section also includes space for jazz guitars, halbresonaz electric guitars or other stringed instruments.

used bass guitars

Here is a selection of basses, usually 4- or 5-string. Some of the basses have an active electrical system and therefore need a 9V block battery.

used guitar amps

We mainly perform guitar amplifiers, which have at least a tube simulation, because pure transistor amps actually only achieve satisfactory results for clean sounds. Some amps have a tube in the preamp, which can be used to generate useful Hi-Gain sounds at a tolerable weight. The best "modeling amps", however, have tubes in the preamp and power stage and thus deliver "official" tube sounds + programmable effects.

used guitar accesoires

In dieser Rubrik finden Sie Effektgeräte mit oder ohne Modelling-Technik, sowie sonstiges Zubehör für Gitarren, wie z.B. Tonabnehmer, Pickguards, Mechaniken, Stimmgeräte und vieles anderes.

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