PEAVEY E-Guitars used

PEAVEY guitars are produced since the 60s in the U.S.A., later in far east
E-Gitarre PEAYEY Limited VT U.S.A.

E-Guitar PEAYEY Limited VT U.S.A.

Erlenkorpus mit geflammter Ahorndecke, Made in U.S.A., Locking Tuners, Easter Hard Rock Maple Neck ( 42.5x21.5mm,, 15" Radius ) mit Graphit-Halseinlage, Palisander FretBd, Peavy Ultra Glide Tremolo, 5-way-Switch, 2 Humbucker (splitted in Pos. 2/4), 22 Frets, orig. PEAVEY Koffer.

Preis: 890.- Euro

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Jazz-Gitarre PEAYEY Rockingham

E-Guitar PEAYEY Rockingham

Jazz-Gitarre, 2 Humbucker, Abalone-Bindings.

Preis: 640.- Euro

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E-Gitarre PEAYEY V-Type

E-Guitar PEAYEY EXP V-Type

Modell Vandenberg, Made in Korea, Palisander-Neck ( 42x23mm ), String-Through-Construction..

Preis: 720.- Euro

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E-Gitarre EVH Wolfgang

E-Guitar EVH Wolfgang QM Standard

Made in Indonesia, 2 Humbucker, rosted Ahorn Neck, Floyd-Rose Tremolo, 24 Bünde.

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E-Gitarre PEAYEY Destiny

E-Guitar PEAYEY Destiny

durchgehender Hals, Handcrafted in U.S.A., Floyd-Rose-Style Tremolo, 3TA (SSH), 24 Bünde.

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