Stratocaster-Style E-Guitars used

The Fender Stratocaster electric guitar was created by Leo Fender in 1954 and has shaped the music world ever since. She was the first electric guitar with three pickups and a double horn body, giving players greater flexibility and tonal variety. The Stratocaster also was that first guitar to have a tremolo arm, allowing guitarists to create vibrato and tremolo effects. It has a characteristic sound described by many as crisp, bright and concise, it has established itself as one of the most popular electric guitars in the world. This guitar will played by many famous musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and Mark Knopfler.
E-Gitarre FENDER Stratocaster AM Custom

E-Guitar FENDER Stratocaster AM Custom

Made in U.S.A., Bj.2007, Erlenkorpus, 3TS satin, Rosewood-Neck,43mm, flat C, 2 SC, 1 Seymour Duncan Humbucker (splitted in Pos 2), tbx-Poti, Tronical Auto-Tuner, 4-Punkt Halsverschraubung.

Preis: 1090.- Euro

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E-Gitarre CORT G210 Mystic Ice Crazer

E-Guitar CORT G210 Mystic Ice Crazer

E-Gitarre, CORT G210 Mystic Ice Crazer, Made in Indonesia, 3 TA (HSS), Ahorn/Rosewood-Neck, Vintage-Tremolo, Scale 25,5\", 22 Bd.

Preis: 340.- Euro

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E-Gitarre ARIA Pro2 RS Deluxe-V

E-Guitar Aria Pro2 RS Deluxe-V Custom

Made in Japan, 80er Jahre, Custom Made, Ahorn/Rosewood Neck ( 42x22mmm ), geschraubt, 22 Bd, Erlen-Korpus, sunburst, einige Lackmacken, Vintage-Style-Tremolo, 3 TA (SSS).

Preis: 390.- Euro

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E-Gitarre CORT S-Serie

E-Guitar CORT S-Serie

Made in Indonesien, Bj. 2002, 3 TA (SSH), Ahorn/Rosewood-Neck, Wilkenson-Tremolo, Scale 25,5\", 22 Bd.

Preis: 390.- Euro

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E-Gitarre OAKLAND XS 136 Custom, 80er Jahre by MATSUMOKU - Made in Japan

E-Guitar OAKLAND XS 136 Custom

Made in Japan '81, 3 TA (SSH, Seymour-Duncan), verchromte Kappen, Korpus aus Walnuss/Birne, durchgehender Hals, 3-teilig, 22 Bünde.

Preis: 550.- Euro

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T-Shirt - Alien mit Gitarre

T-Shirt - Alien with Guitar

Dieses T-Shirt ist weich und leicht, mit der perfekten Balance an Elastizität und Standhaftigkeit. Es ist bequem und ein EyeCatcher mit seinem Aufdruck aus der limitierten "Alien Collection"