IBANEZ Guitars and Basses

IBANEZ-guitars & basses are produced since the 60s in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia & China.
Guitarists like Stev Vai, Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani play IBANEZ guitars and have made their own Signiture series at IBANEZ.
IBANEZ Star Guitarists
E-Gitarre IBANEZ RG2620-CBL Prestige, gebraucht

E-Guitar IBANEZ RG2620-CBL Prestige

Made in Japan, 2005, 2 Di Marzio TA (IBZ), splitbar, Lindenkorpus, Rosewood-Neck, 5-teiliger Ahorn-/Walnusshals, Edge-Pro Tremolo, black HW, original Hartschalenkoffer.

1290.- Euro

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E-Gitarre IBANEZ GRG170DXL lefthand, gebraucht

E-Guitar IBANEZ GRG170DXL lefthand

Made in Indonesien, 3 PSND PickUps (HSH), Lindenkorpus, Ahorn/Rosewood-Neck, FAT10 Tremolo, chrome HW, bneuwertig, original Gigbag.

220.- Euro

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E-Gitarre IBANEZ Universe UV777, gebraucht

E-Guitar IBANEZ Universe UV777

Bj. 2004, Made in Japan, 7-saitig, 3 DiMarzio Blaze TA (HSH), signiert v. Steve Vai, Dave Weiner und Tony MacAlpine, Lindenkorpus, Palisander-Neck, 48mm, 24 frets, 648mm Mensur, 5-teiliger Ahorn-/Walnusshals, Edge-Pro 7 Tremolo, original Ibanez Koffer.

1790.- Euro

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E-Gitarre IBANEZ Artist, Made in Japan 1980

E-Guitar IBANEZ Artist

Bj. 1980, geleimter Ahorn-Hals, Mahagoni-Body mit Maple-Top, 22 Jumbo Bünde, Rosewood- Griffbrett, Dot-Inlays, Seymour Duncan SH2/SH4 Humbucker, Made in Japan.

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E-Gitarre IBANEZ RG450 DX

E-Guitar IBANEZ RG450 DX

Made in Korea, 90er Jahre, geschraubter Ahorn-Hals, Linden-Korpus, Plexiglas-Pickguard, 24 Jumbo Bünde, Palisander- Griffbrett, Shark-Inlays, IBANEZ LO TRS II-Tremolo, dark Chrom-Hardware, IBZ-Tonabnehmer INF1, INF2, INFS1.

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E-Gitarre IBANEZ Roadstar II

E-Guitar IBANEZ Roadstar II

Bj. 1984, Modell RS-520 Deluxe, 2 Gibson TA (P490T), splitbar, Lindenkorpus, Rosewood-Neck, geschraubter Ahorn-Hals, 24 Bd., Ibz-Tremolo, gold HW, original Koffer, Made in Japan, inkl. Koffer.

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