BC-RICH E-Guitars

BC-Rich is a brand of electric guitars established in the late 1960's. BC-Rich guitars are known for their eye-catching design and their high performance characteristics. Many BC-Rich guitars have unusual body shapes and are often decorated with skull and tribal motifs. The guitars will often Favored by heavy metal and hard rock guitarists for their sharp, aggressive tone and fast playability. BC-Rich guitars are played by many well-known musicians such as Kerry King (Slayer), Lita Ford, Slash (Guns N' Roses) and Mick Mars (Mötley Crüe).
BC-RICH-guitars had been produced since the 70s in U.S.A, later in Japan, Korea and China.
E-Gitarre BC-RICH ASM Standard - signiert

E-Guitar BC-RICH ASM Standard

Made in Korea, 90er Jahre, Mahagoni Body, Ahorn-/Rosewood-Neck, 25.5" Scale, 24 Jumbo frets, 43x20mmm (Bd0), 2 Rockfield Humbucker PUs, splitbar, Floyd-Rose licensed Tremolo, 1xVol, 1xTone, signiert von REBELLIOUS SPIRIT.

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E-Gitarre BC-Rich Mockingbird Archtop

E-Guitar BC-Rich Mockingbird Archtop

2 Rockfield Mafia Humbucker, Mahagoni-Korpus, Antique Violin Satin Decke, 4-teiliger durchgehender Mahagoni-Hals 43x22mmm (Bd0), Ebenholz-Griffbrett, 24Bd., Groover Super-Rotomatic-Mechaniken, gold HW, 2xVol, 1xTone, Bj. 2012.

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E-Gitarre BC-Rich Ironbird

E-Guitar B.C.-Rich Ironbird

Made in Korea, 2TA, Floyd-Rose-Style-Tremolo, Custom-Airbrush-, Koffer.

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E-Gitarre BC-Rich Mockingbird NJ Classic

E-Guitar BC-Rich Mockingbird NJ Classic

2 Humbucker, mahagoni body, clouds maple,
5-layer neck-through construction, maple/walnut, 43.5x21mmm (Bd0), ebony fretboard, 24fr,
Kluson mechanics, yoc. 2008

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